Tips on How to Properly Store Your Items

Tips on storing your items!

These helpful hints are good practice whether you're utilizing one of our facilities, or if you're using your own garage or attic for storage. Of course we'd like to see you in one of our units, but we'd rather see your equipment, furniture or clothing remain in good condition.

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  • Store frequently used items at the front of the unit to avoid having to search for them.
  • Appliances must be thoroughly clean and dry. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors slightly open.
  • Store mattresses and box springs on long edges. Wrap for protection and elevate off of the floor.
  • Clothing that ordinarily hangs in a closet should be packed in a wardrobe carton.
  • Use your bureau drawers as packing space.
  • Do not use newspaper to pack with. The ink may smudge off on your items.
  • Leave a small space between the goods stored and the storage unit’s walls.
  • When packing books, pack them in small cartons that weigh no more than 30 lbs. Alternate bindings and cushion them with wadded packing paper.
  • Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in cardboard and marked “FRAGILE.” Stand them straight up. Don't lay flat!
  • Keep your out-of-season clothes accessible, you may have your belongings in storage longer than anticipated.
  • If storing wool items, use cedar chips or mothballs to prevent moth damage.
  • Wax wood furniture before storing it. Use sheets or cotton cloth to cover furniture.
  • Never store anything in sealed plastic bags, especially in non-A/C storage. The humidity will cause damage to your goods.
  • Do not stack heavy or folded objects where they could shift or collapse when you move or need access.
  • When packing boxes, try to limit the weight to 30 lbs. or less per box.

Storing Electronics

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Rust, dust, mold, cracking, and breaking can ruin electronics items. Thankfully, keeping them safe and sound is easy and straight forward:

  • Always back up your data from computers for safety.
  • Always remove CD's from CD players, discs from drives, etc.
  • Keep monitor and device screens protected with cardboard or bubble wrap. Also, any items that have glass or fragile parts, label them.
  • Keep electronic devices separated from the floor with pallets or boards.
  • Protect electronics devices with cotton sheets or canvas for dust protection.
  • Never use plastic. This increases moisture, which may cause mold and mildew.